Success in Customer Services

In increasingly saturated markets, success will be defined by the organisations that differentiate. One of the key tools in the modern business' arsenal lies with their customer service experience and the key to any CS team is its people. This workshop enhances their performance and ability to deliver beyond expectation.

Build lasting relationships with an empowered customer-centric team

Happier employees make for happier customers. Fact!

The statistics and research are staggering. But why does it matter so much? Because every employee represents your brand, your businesses values are on the line through every interaction and engagement with a customer or client.

Happier customer service representatives are not only more productive and loyal, but they are better problem solvers and more empowered to overcome challenges and take initiative.

Our customer service workshop provides attendees with the tools to deal more effectively with every customer touch-point, ensuring resolution and rapport regardless of the nature of the encounter.


Fiona Barron

Co-Founder & CEO of The Happiness Hub, Fiona's background in Clinical Psychology provides the scientific grounding to our content.

Saleem Ali

Saleem Ali

Co-Founder of The Happiness Hub, Saleem integrates over 15-years of global corporate management experience into our sessions.

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